Mask Sizing

 Mask Size
Elastic Circumference
Small Youth
4.5 in
6.5 in
5 inches each
5 in
8 in
5 inches each
Adult S/M (standard)
5.75 in
8 in
6 inches each
Adult L
6.25 in
8.5 in
7 inches each
Not sure what size to order?
Measure a mask that you have at home that fits you the best. Come back to the sizing chart and order the mask with the closest sizing!


STANDARD ELASTIC is a woven elastic that is sewn at the end of loops.
UNTIED ELASTIC is a comfier/stretchier elastic that comes untied so that you can adjust the mask yourself.  
ADJUSTABLE ELASTIC are 8 inch loops with adjusters to size your mask to fit you perfectly. Adjustable Elastics come in multiple colors and color on your mask will be based on your mask selection. This elastic is similar to the untied elastic option and has a really good stretch to it! Keep in mind that if you pull the adjuster off, it is very difficult to get back on. 


Important Notes About Sizing

  • If the standard elastic sizing for each size will not work for you, please chose the "Untied Elastic" Option. Your mask will come with the elastics inserted into the mask but will not be tied. This will allow you to adjust the elastics to fit you perfectly. 
  • "Longer Elastic" is no longer available for masks. Select "Untied Elastic" if you need longer elastic loops. 
  • Refunds/exchanges will not be permitted for masks that do not fit properly. Please pay close attention to the sizing while placing your order. 
  • Adult XL is no longer available. 
  • Elastic may become stretched out overtime due to normal wear.